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Lion 2016 – we heard the ROAR

Drama Film – 2hrs Director – Garth Davis This extraordinary true story of how a small Indian boy from Ganesh Talai, is estranged from his hometown by some ill fated disaster. Through trials and tribulations he is adopted by an Australian couple and then growing into his adulthood, obviously far from home, uses Google Maps… Continue reading Lion 2016 – we heard the ROAR

Mental Health Awareness + Spirituality

Mental Illness – 10 Survival Tips

Admit you have an illness. Then find a psychiatrist or psychologist who treats you with compassion and respect. I wouldn’t have been able to progress my efforts in therapy if I didn’t have an awesome individual to change my perspective in life. Once you find a treatment plan that works for you, stick to it.… Continue reading Mental Illness – 10 Survival Tips


To my love

I don’t know if I use the word ‘love’ appropriately sometimes. I feel like this 4 letter word cannot express ways you settle my heart and fill it with pure love and joy. Love is not you or me, but the space in between us… the space when we argue, when we laugh, when we cry and when you cradle my heart because you know there isn’t a better guardian than you.

A home to a wandering heart. Thank you.