Arrival (2016)

It took me a very long time to come around and watch this movie because everyone online had so many great things to say about it so I automatically had a weird feeling inside that it just won't be THAT good...

Lion 2016 – we heard the ROAR

Drama Film - 2hrs Director - Garth Davis This extraordinary true story of how a small Indian boy from Ganesh Talai, is estranged from his hometown by some ill fated disaster. Through trials and tribulations he is adopted by an Australian couple and then growing into his adulthood, obviously far from home, uses Google Maps... Continue Reading →

Pink Movie Review

"no means no - no doesn't require any explanation." #Pink is another wonderful take on a woman's freedom to her sexuality, fight for her dignity and combating patriarchy. Firstly I need to clap for everyone that was involved in the making of this film because finally, after decades, there's been a mainstream film starring Amitabh... Continue Reading →

Dear Zindagi Review

I started 'Dear Zindagi' yesterday night and finished it by 2.15am. I didn't think much going into it, it's good when you don't have any expectation or know much about a movie... a random find and all. It's what happened after that caught me by suprise... #DearZindagi deserves all the fucking awards in existence. One... Continue Reading →

Jurassic Park Marathon

I had a Jurassic Park marathon this weekend and finish it all off by watching Jurassic World yesterday. It's the first time I've watched any of them, except the latter, I watched Jurassic World in cinemas last year but watching it again after seeing the others - shed some light on a lot of little... Continue Reading →

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