Can someone teach me how to protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness.

Jurassic Park Marathon

I had a Jurassic Park marathon this weekend and finish it all off by watching Jurassic World yesterday. It's the first time I've watched any of them, except the latter, I watched Jurassic World in cinemas last year but watching it again after seeing the others - shed some light on a lot of little... Continue Reading →

To my love

I don't know if I use the word 'love' appropriately sometimes. I feel like this 4 letter word cannot express ways you settle my heart and fill it with pure love and joy. Love is not you or me, but the space in between us... the space when we argue, when we laugh, when we... Continue Reading →

Dear Women…

I've always said marriage is all about perspective. There are so many routes on this path but I sincerely believe it's incredibly ambitious to marry someone you've just met or haven't spent enough time with.I truly believe before you ever decide to marry someone you need to make sure you've mastered the following: 1. Define... Continue Reading →


@MIM.APPAREL - MIM: Conversational clothing on Mental Health. Wear the Label. An idea curated with pure love and understanding of the complexities we all feel in our daily lives. Each design has been uniquely produced and has its own narrative. We wanted to create a story via every seam, line and design. We have been... Continue Reading →

I had a lovely weekend in Manchester visiting their famous Christmas market! I tried making Jamie Oliver's Chocolate Brownies for the first time ever and forgot to add FLOUR!!!!! THE MOST IMPORTANT AND BINDING INGREDIENT.  

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