Lion 2016 – we heard the ROAR

Drama Film – 2hrs

Director – Garth Davis

This extraordinary true story of how a small Indian boy from Ganesh Talai, is estranged from his hometown by some ill fated disaster. Through trials and tribulations he is adopted by an Australian couple and then growing into his adulthood, obviously far from home, uses Google Maps to find his mother.

That’s the easiest way I could explain the movie without ruining it for anyone. I’ve seen similar movies which have taken the overbearingly heavy dramatic turns but with Lion there is a beautiful touch, an echo of honesty and light. It is deeply moving, honouring the most basic needs of humanity – we see no colour, or gender when it comes to love. It’s a pure human emotion that is tapped into beautifully throughout Lion.

As an South-Asian girl, born and bred in England (parents are from Bangladesh), there are some fundamental issues that touched me in this movie which I really resonated with. The absence of rooted culture, loss of identity and just trying to find a balance between the two worlds are some topics that were raised when watching the movie.

An amazing cast including Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel, Rooney Mara and David Wenham, mixed with an  undeniably uplifting story, fights against any cliches this genre consists of. Lastly, I want to leave the spotlight on Sunny Pawar (plays younger Saroo), who’s impactful performance gave this entire movie a solid foundation.

I’m head over heels in love with Dev Patel and it makes me so proud to see his journey from Anwar (Skins). A boy from Rayners Lane, London is now only the third Indian actor who has been nominated at the Oscars. I think it’s about time one of our people won an Oscar, don’t you?


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