I’ve recently stopped watching movies and have concentrated on TV series… but I really do miss watching movies. I forever feel like I’ve watched all the good ones so I’m going to make my way through these!

Some of my favourite movies (that I recommend to everyone): Her, I Origins (the woman reminds me so much of myself, and I don’t mean this in a narcissistic way! Just… a lot of the things she says I’ve said/ do say or things that have been said to her, have been said to me – by the way, if you do decide to watch this movie: watch even after the end titles. There’s a bit at the end of this movie that when I watched it in cinema there were only 4 people in the cinema that day and one of people in that cinema stopped me leaving because I thought after the names started to appear that the movie was over so I started to leave and he was like “wait! There’s still a bit left”, so I sat down. I watched the ending bit and then he…

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