The Family Stone (2005)

The Family Stone (2005) is an American comedy-drama film written and directed by Thomas Bezucha. The ensemble cast includes Diane Keaton, Craig T. Nelson, Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Luke Wilson, Claire Danes, Rachel McAdams, Tyrone Giordano, Brian J. White, and Elizabeth Reaser.

During Christmas for me, means tons of misadventures with my big-ass family! Yes, I am blessed but those who come from a big family understand how difficult it could be when all these different personalities are under one roof after a long time! Okay, I’m going to stop using the exclamation mark now.

Esprit de famille

Well anyways, I had a point to this, okay – the plot of this movie circulates around these Christmas misadventures when the eldest son, played by Mulroney, brings home a girl. YES. This bringing home your girlfriend/boyfriend can be some heavy stuff especially if they’re uptight (played by Parker). On top of all of that, his intentions for bringing her home is so that he can propose to her with a cherished heirloom ring. That’s the trigger, it just kicks off from there really.


If you’re like me and love a good old family drama (makes you feel sane about your own) and who also enjoys movies like The Big Wedding, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Wedding Planner and The Wedding Singer – this one will be for you!


2 thoughts on “The Family Stone (2005)

    1. This is so good, let me know what you think of it after watching it! I absolutely loved August Osage County, one of my favourite movies, from the story line to the acting. Great!!

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