Internal noise

So much noise around me.

Hey, does your mind try to acutely fill in every empty moment with a roar of doubt?

Have you found yourself sometimes screaming needlessly out loud just so your bones listen to you quiver the words you’re trying to believe in?

‘Everything you are and have been amounts to nothing’.. ‘silence’…’noise’

How does a person with so much positivity work from such an luminous negative energy inside? If you put me through an x ray, the images of my overgrown floral beauty will stamp on cracks that life has destructed over the years. My soul self heals because it has to.

I wish I didn’t have such a whirlpool of untouched nerves pulling on my wishes of fulfilment.

I only yearn a silent place in the corner of my head and heart, tell me I’m home already.

Yet there’s so much noise around me.


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