One Day

This life is a traveller’s book,some make it out far,

others stay in their blanket of comfort, surrounded by familiar objects in which they’ve been accustomed to.

Some reach for unknown territories, some reach for travels within themselves – roping onto vessels that linger opportunities of self growth, soul-growth.

I’ve been in the 4 walls of this city life for 23 years now, but all my soul cries for is to encounter as many wanderers, as many travellers, grasp as many cultural divisions as possible.

But I have to start from within, the passport to this world is untangling the daily ‘conditioned’ feelings, the repetitive life movements, it is to unwrap new corners of self knowledge and acceptance.

One day I will travel the world but before that may God provide me with the strength to unravel this restless soul of mine, first.


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