Mental illness is a real thing, just because you can’t see your brain physically bleed or your lungs physically jump out your chest doesn’t make it any less painful or excruciating. I know there’s people who actually say they’re depressed or suffer from anxiety from merely one situation or just being overwhelmingly nervous but you shouldn’t be so quick to categorise yourself. I know the feeling of never being able to be in uncomfortable situations, I know the feeling of not being able to talk when there’s people around me so I know how much of a burden it can be in your life, personally and professionally. I know how badly you want to show everyone that this isn’t you, you have such a colourful personality but it’s trapped behind the wall that’s been created through your flight and fight bodily mechanism. But, the first step is to accept it, admit it and know that YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY FINE AND YOU ARE SPECIAL, AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU ARE SO TALENTED AND NOTHING WILL EVER TAKE THAT AWAY FROM YOU. You can, you will, you must.



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