The Judge: The admirable duos make a case


The Judge, 2014

American drama film

Director: David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers & The Change-Up)

Runtime: 2hr. 22mins.

Let’s just start with my biasness of doing movie reviews on ONLY films that I believe will not be a waste of screen time for you all. No, I don’t write reviews about mediocre movies or even outright bad ones, why do we have movie critics for then? So don’t make the assumption that I find every movie that I watch, phenomenal.

Because I don’t

If I post a movie review, it’s about a movie that has somehow made it onto my list with a stroke of luck and then hasn’t left my life – altered me in some sort of way.

Starring probably my two favourite Roberts (besides Robert De Niro), this oedipal drama movie is about a murder case. It’s like a cocktail between Ally McBeal and Suits; dialogue weighted movie with a touch of sweetness. In a nutshell ‘The Judge’ is a story about a father and son, and their estranged relationship. But before we get on that, it’s a story about a MURDER CASE.

So we have the hot-shot city defense attorney, Hank Palmer (Robert Downey, Jr.) in Chicgao who initially is from a small town in Indiana. Then we have his father, Judge Joseph Palmer (Robert Duvall), a man of few words but a character so driven and complicated, it makes you question everything from a very early point in the film. Hank almost mirrors his father, who’s referred to as ‘Judge’ in the movie, rightly so.


This is where it all goes tits up though, they obviously have a lot of issues of betrayal and abandonment but there’s this one (of many) fantastic quote where Hank says: ”It’s not my fault innocent people can’t afford me.” Like seriously, in the scale of Dean to AlPacino, that was slap bang in the middle on slickness.

SO NOW, there are two life changing phone calls in the whole movie, it’s a very good separator as well.

  1. Hank gets a call saying his mother has passed away (his reason to go back to Indiana)
  2. When Hank was on the plane ready to leave – he gets a call saying Judge Palmer (the father obviously) is suspected of murder (his reason to stay in Indiana)

Now, the rest you all will have to see the movie in order to know.

Great cliff-hanger right?



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