Agreeing to Disagree: The Discomforts.

Great read.


The nature of this post comes from several instances where I have found myself ridden with guilt because my views and opinions fatally clash with those around me. Im not talking about the kinds of disagreements over what jacket best suits an outfit or team Edward vs. team Jake; no, I’m talking about the kinds of disagreements that have you pulling your hair out over conflictual thoughts that drives your mental health up the wall.

I often debate with my sister about various, random-not-so-random issues, and several times, we have both become quite flustered and intolerant of each other’s views. Since I have a close relationship with my sister, this time and time again has presented difficulty to come to terms with. It’s often, my passions vs. her passions, my loyalties vs. her loyalties, my hardships vs. her hardships, my rights vs. her seemingly very wrongs, and in her probable…

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