Emma Watson: The Fresh Face of Feminism (Intersectionality)


When Emma Watson, the newly appointed UN Goodwill ambassador delivered her speech on the launch of #HeforShe campaign, many of us could not have felt more proud and more relieved that standing before us was a young person, fierce, intelligent and passionate, who has something to say on gender inequality; the story of many of our lives.

I found it brave and courageous that another female, not much older than myself, used her status and position in society and the media, to not only raise awareness about gender inequalities, but to inspire and encourage people to rethink and redefine their views on feminism, and stand amongst the loyal feminists we already have fighting this never-ending battle. Without a doubt, she had made some excellent points.

However, I decided to focus on her speech through the lens of intersectionality for some analytical thought. In doing so, I found that numerous weaknesses…

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