Brian Cox. Certainly a fox.


I have always been pretty ignorant when it came to the human universe, I always found that learning about how small and fragile we are just didn’t do anything grand for my anxiety. So as you do, well as I do – I faced my fear and all that helluva and just couldn’t believe my stupidity. The infinitesimal universe is absolutely majestic and who knew Brian Cox was so easy on the eye! I certainly do now.

I have looked into Galileo Galilei, Henrietta Leavitt, and all those who contributed to the works of modern art and science! BBC One’s Human Universe by Brian Cox is also something EVERYONE should watch – even if it is to learn some cool facts to share amongst people you meet everyday. Honestly, from an amateur to another, learning about all the best of human intellects and their route to discovery is somewhat inspirational!

P.S. Experts, suggest some more stuff I could look into/read please – danke 🙂


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