The Words… Inspired?

I have been stumbling across this film called ‘The Words’ – everyone that knows me has kept pestering me to watch it because they ‘definitely knew’ I would like it. The cast was impressive and well, the title had me going.

I just finished the movie and I don’t know why, but I feel so inspired, like I want to sit and write, my whole life in words. Imagine it was a legal duty to write about your life. Like everyone deserves an autobiographical book by the time they depart from Earth. In that way, no one will actually be forgotten, they’ll leave something behind- for their family, grand kids, great grand kids, for those seeking inspiration, a spiritual guidance and so forth.

At this moment, right now, you’re probably reading this and reassuring yourself that your life isn’t worth reading about, how mundane it is, how characterless it makes you. To be honest, we’re humans; we’ll always underestimate ourselves, that’s the beauty of life I guess. I, personally, would love to read about everyone I have any personal or social contact with. People amaze me; I’m instantly inspired by their strength, loyalty, love and ability to forgive. Humans are so hopeless, tangled by their emotions. It all boils down to feelings. Those that understand that, they live a very different life to those that don’t.

Anyways I’m drifting off aren’t I? I guess all I want to say is that we all have these wonderful lives, we dip our souls in good moments and also in the bad,  but life is the bits in between. It’s about the attainment of patience you need for the transition in life, from heart break to love, from arrogance to forgiveness. It’s the feeling of letting go that keeps you moderately sane, that keeps you happy. Do you know what I mean?


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