The Company Men (2010)

1 hr. 53 min


Directed By: John Wells.

You know the typical idea of an ‘American dream’ yeah the film starts off just like that until.. you meet Bobby Walker (Ben Affleck), Phil Woodward (Chris Cooper) and Gene McClary (Tommy Lee Jones) who are left jobless because of their company downsizing.

You cling on to what they have left and how these men redefine their lives AGAIN, as husbands, fathers and unemployed men. As an undergraduate student, watching this movie just made me realise how damn hard the corporate world is out there, that working for a company for 30 years doesn’t provide cushioning, working your ass off for 60+ hours a week, sacrificing time away from your families and other responsibilities still doesn’t give you a leeway in securing a JOB is an economic crisis. The domino effect redundancy causes.. lovely depiction.




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