The Vicious Kind (2009)


Damaged men. I love them, I do. This movie was just lovely, you heard it here first! Brutalised, emotionally unstable and fucking hilarious character played by the beautiful Adam Scott, untrusting of women falls for his brother’s girlfriend. It’s that simple. Well okay, his attempts in concealing his feelings are beyond scientifically immeasurable but pulling away from this focal point, we realise Caleb’s hate for his father is pretty ironic because he is his father’s son. They act more alike than they think- you have a sense of realism, you want Caleb (Scott) to, without losing his isolated, contented, brutal self, feel peace. Well, the only way he can sleep is when he spends time with his brother’s girlfriend- not the best of solutions. The two main characters are just so interesting; man you will just fall in love with Adam Scott- searing performance.


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