Restless (2011)


I decided to pick a movie randomly today because I needed a break from my overwhelming uni work and paint drying life. So my next steps: I pressed play and then I here this beautiful song, soundtrack being The Beatles- Two of us! only my favourite. If that wasn’t the start of something awesome, I then slowly fell in love with these two awkward characters portrayed in this delightful movie. Enoch (Henry Hopper) plays this ‘I’ve dropped anything that has to do with living’ type of character- he’s lost his parents, hangs out with the ghost of a Japanese kamikaze pilot (Ryo Kase) and goes to funerals for people he doesn’t know, has never met- you know the casual funeral crashers (I have never met one before, it’s the first for me too). He then meets Annabel (Mia Wasikowska), a young woman who meets him in one of these funerals (surprise, surprise!) and unfortunately, has death lingering around in her life (metaphorically, of course).  

Without spoiling anything, I loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. This should definitely be added on your movie list guys! It’s so simple, so simple. Not forgetting, The Beatles soundtrack! Come on!


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