Keith (2008).. We recognise this boy, don’t we?



Don’t be mistaken, Todd Kessler didn’t follow the usual concept of a teen chick-flick. There was romanticism, a yellow truck and the whole ‘I’m trying to find myself’ ideology which we all can pretty much relate to no matter what our age!

Kessler’s story telling takes a roundabout where you follow his character’s routes and exits- you figure out their journey with them- a more in-depth journey if I may say. ‘What’s the rush? We’re here in a yellow truck a road ahead of us and nothing but opportunities.’

It’s about time I stop beating round the bush and just get to the point right?

Elisabeth Harnois plays Natalie, a high school senior who pretty much is the typical I know what I’m doing and have just about everything figured out kind of girl (we’ve all come across one)– Straight A grade student, Year book editor and Star tennis player aspiring to get a scholarship to Duke University.  After a short while you are introduced to a transfer student who she takes interest in, even with such a tight schedule – Rafael (Ignacio Serrichio).

Surprise, surprise- just when they started spending time together and eventually became a couple Natalie was paired up with Keith (Jesse McCartney) for a chemistry assignment.  How is Keith like? Is he even more charming than Rafael? The opposite, actually. Keith is a care-free, live for the moment, rebellious and the most unorthodox individual you’ll meet and from there everything just takes a whole new turn- don’t try tell me the story line already, you won’t guess it. Just go watch it.

P.S Jesse – for a singer you do an once-in-a-lifetime performance, wow.




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