It’s that feeling again

I’ve been feeling pretty crap lately, no actually- completely crap. Just seems like writing down my complexities in life is better than facing them- feel special bloggers.

Let’s start with Uni work first, I have 3 courseworks due in December and my Word Document has a word count of 0- need I say more? Just thinking about it every night, before I go sleep, eats me alive. My sleeping pattern has started to turn its back on me like usual – stress levels seem to evidently destroy my inabilities to switch off my brain, annoying thoughts to be specific.

You thought that was it right? Well you’re unfortunately wrong. I still have not applied to any placement offers, the process of sorting out my CV- something I never gave a flying duck about until my second year of Uni- has taken longer than anticipated. I could just sit there and repeatedly ask God, why is it always me but I’ll give myself the benefit of doubt and blame all this on my lack of motivation, direction and dedication.

I’ve lost my way a tad bit, this is the downfalls of being in your early twenties, still trying to figure who you are, where you stand. I’m content with my life but there’s nothing I’m doing that amazes me, makes me happy beyond explanation – or simply I haven’t found me (philosophically of course) .

For now I have Gossip Girl to help me avoid reality – other adults having messed up problems, seeing through their problems and still looking fabulous- ending up with someone who loves them (Ed Westwick marry me) is exactly what I need. GG, you are my saviour, you are..


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