“Why would you want to watch it?” “Why not!”


I just finished watching ‘We bought a zoo’. I’ve been overlooking this film for some time now but recently everywhere I went I kept on seeing the DVD, be it in the library, supermarket, local stores- so that’s it, it was a sign from the Great One!

It’s a cute film about a family trying to collect whats left of their lives after the main character, Benjamin’s (Matt Damon) wife dies. He is left with two children- Dylan and a little girl Rosie. After 6 months Ben, wait.. he doesn’t like being called that- Benjamin decides to buy a zoo.. Rosie thrilled, Dylan not so much. What do you expect from a teenage boy? My brother would be going ballistic.

Benjamin didn’t think through how much work it would be and meeting the Zoo staff and Zoo keeper Kelly (Scarlett) totally questioned his abilities of being a Zoo owner and why wouldn’t they?. Nonetheless, he was determined to change it- well for the most part of it anyway.

I refuse to talk anymore about the story line but something I can tell you is that after watching the movie I found out that this movie was based on a book, a memoir written by Benjamin Mee (well, what have we here!) who’s life was portrayed on the big screen. I wish I knew this before watching the movie, it would’ve bought me even more closer to the characters depicted in this blinder of a movie.

So I leave you clever souls with this – Why would I want to watch it? I hear you say.. my answer is why not!


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